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Back in Boston, back when I was bitten… I wasn’t alone. My best friend was there, and she got bit too. We didn’t know what to do. So, she says… ‘Let’s just wait it out. You know, we can be all poetic and just lose our minds together.’ I’m still waiting for my turn.


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Complaining about the body positive movement when you have a conventionally attractive body is the equivalent of getting mad when rich people don’t receive grants for college


Okay, sorry for commenting but I’m getting really sick of this..

For the most part, people complain about it when you insult others in an attempt to validate your movement. The minute you introduce hate to your movement, you’re pretty much (sadly) guaranteed to receive some in return.

Because rather than say something motivational or accepting like: “You’re beautiful no matter your shape or size” you send a message that says “Ignore those average and or thin bitches, thick is beautiful”

Can we all get off our high horses and stop believing there is only one correct way to perceive beauty? I know that’s the mold you’re trying to break with this movement, but you’re going about it all the wrong way.

Now, you’re probably thinking “Great, another average/thin person preaching like this issue affects them the way it affects us.” And you know what? No, it doesn’t. That’s what you want to hear, and I’m going to say it because it’s the truth. I’m not constantly discriminated against for being “too big” or “Not thin enough”. And while I can’t speak for everyone the original post was referring to, I can speak for myself. Being an under weight person my entire life, let me tell you.. I am 100% about a positive body image movement. Because ever since I was little, I was made fun of for how I was. People would make comments like “Don’t you ever eat?” and “Ew I can see your bones” And for that to still be the only way we can think to fight back against fat shaming into adulthood, by shaming the way another person looks, is disgusting.

From the very day this movement was conceived, it has done nothing but further damage my own, and several others, perceptions of beauty. It is not necessary, you should not have to feel HATE or DISGUST towards another person to feel good about yourself. Who, in the right state of mind, is satisfied with that kind of mentality?

All I’m trying to express is… there are ways to send positive messages that are just as strong as, if not stronger, than messages that contain hate. And you’re more likely to receive a greater, more understanding response in return. So if we could start constructing a more humane way to let people, girls, boys, men, and women know that they’re just as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside, regardless of shape or size, that would be heavenly..

Thanks for reading, sorry if anything I said was offending in any way.